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Truck Roadworthy Certificate Melbourne

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You need a roadworthy certificate to sell a vehicle, or if you purchased a vehicle and it is to be re-registered or transferred to your name. These certificates can only be given out by licensed vehicle testers – so if you need a cheap roadworthy certificate, Melbourne locals can call on Diesel Mechanics Australia!

We perform roadworthy inspections and give out roadworthy certificates to vehicles that are safe and worthy of being on the road. We are licensed to inspect anything from a small car to the largest of trucks.

What is Inspected?

At Diesel Mechanics Australia, our roadworthy certificate inspection involves an entire check of your motor vehicle, truck or road-registered machine to make sure that all components are working properly, including:

  • Seats, Seatbelts
  • Structure
  • Windscreen, windows, wipers, washers
  • Reflectors, lights
  • Wheels, tyres
  • Braking, steering, suspension

What isn’t Inspected?

It’s important to keep in mind that roadworthy tests are to check that your vehicle is safe on the road for the driver, passengers and surrounding cars at the time of inspection. No mechanical faults are looked for, meaning the mechanical reliability and general condition of your vehicle is not assessed. Non-safety accessories such as the air conditioner and rear wipers are not assessed as they don’t count towards your roadworthy certificate. Remember that any items we check during the inspection (i.e power steering) can stop functioning any time after the inspection!

Truck RWC Melbourne

For a deeper, more comprehensive assessment regarding your vehicle’s overall condition you can meet one of our friendly experts from Diesel Mechanics Australia to do a separate, independent report – we also conduct pre-purchase inspections for those looking for peace of mind on a new vehicle purchase or a general condition report on an existing vehicle.

So if you’re looking for a roadworthy certificate, call Diesel Mechanics Australia today on (03) 9462 2331 or 0402 310 680.