Mobile Diesel Mechanics

Service Offerings

Truck Roadworthy Certificate
We perform roadworthy inspections and give out roadworthy certificates to vehicles that are safe and worthy of being on the road. We are licensed to inspect anything from a small car to the largest of trucks.
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Truck Service & Repairs
If you own or manage a fleet of trucks in Melbourne, every now and then you may require the services of a professional commercial truck mechanic. Trucks may appear to have a cold front, with their large loads and strong bodies, but from the inside, they are sophisticated and complicated machines.
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Excavator Service, Repairs & Maintenance
Excavators help move earth efficiently – if not for them, the manual labour would be highly burdened and clearing construction sites would take for ever! Excavators however, allow the user to remove large amounts of ground and debris in just hours – having the site prepped for construction in very little time.
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Generator Repairs and Servicing
Our adaptable power generation services and support programs at Diesel Mechanics Australia are meticulously designed to reduce equipment failure and unscheduled downtime. We consider the long term implications of our work beyond just the equipment, considering your revenue and how we might maximize your company’s productivity.
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