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Truck Service & Repairs Melbourne

At Diesel Mechanics Australia, we are a 24 Hour Breakdown Service. We also specialise in Fleet Servicing and Repairs. If you need a professional truck mechanic, Melbourne-based Diesel Mechanics Australia is your smart choice. 

We are certified to conduct Road Worthy‘s on both Light and Heavy Vehicles. Pre Purchase Inspections also available!

Heavy vehicles require routine maintenance and servicing – bring them to our facilities in Melbourne and have them undergo a top quality truck maintenance regime, after which they will roll out refreshed and rejuvenated!

If you own or manage a fleet of trucks in Melbourne, every now and then you may require the services of a professional commercial truck mechanic. Trucks may appear to have a cold front, with their large loads and strong bodies, but from the inside, they are sophisticated and complicated machines. A good commercial truck mechanic in Melbourne such as Diesel Mechanic Australia understands the technology that gets these huge machines rolling smoothly.

Commercial Truck Mechanic Melbourne

Our truck repairs for our clients in Melbourne, including those in Campbellfield and Thomastown are executed with finesse and perfection. We make sure your fleet keeps running and your business processes do not suffer from any delays due to break-downs. Right from the diagnostics to replacement of damaged or worn parts, every step must pass through our strict quality control checks. 

Just as it is important for you to keep your trucks in a running condition, it is also essential for us to keep our customers from Thomastown, Campbellfield and those from other Melbourne suburbs happy. We do this by keeping their trucks in a great condition through provision of expert truck services.

Truck & Semi Repair

Our comprehensive truck servicing is second to none. We make sure that you leave satisfied and informed of all services provided. We work across a range of makes and models, and can provide quality semi-truck repair. Our Melbourne clients, including those in Preston, Campbellfield and Thomastown can vouch for us that our truck repairs and servicing is the best in town. We maintain their equipment on a regular basis to ensure their trucks are in top-notch condition. A fleet that runs with minimum disruptions provides maximum performance and profits!

Truck Service & Repair Campbellfield, Preston, Thomastown

You can book your trucks with us, at our Melbourne facilities, for regular truck maintenance. Subjecting your trucks to regular maintenance will not just keep them running swiftly, it will also elongate their life and provide you better fuel efficiency. We will keep them tuned up for you so you can enjoy cost and energy savings! 

Wondering “where can I find truck repairs near me”? Based in Thomastown, we offer the 24 hour truck repair Melbourne drivers need.

Semi Truck Repair

So whenever you find yourself in need of an experienced and trustworthy commercial truck mechanic in Melbourne, just look towards Diesel Mechanics Australia, a place where your trucks get looked over from top to bottom.

You Can Rely on Our Mobile Truck Repair Services Whenever You Are in Melbourne

You may not be aware, but there are skilled mechanics that will give you the full mechanical services you require in the comfort of your own home. Our mobile truck repair expert may be at your house or garage within 24 hours to address any and all automobile repairs that can be done there. Our mobile engine repair truck experts are always courteous and ready to provide the service you want at a price that is reasonable. 

Diesel Mechanics Australia is a mobile truck repair company that comes to you. We understand that your truck is your livelihood, and we want to help you keep it running smoothly. Our team of experienced mechanics will come to your location and perform repairs on your truck. We specialise in diesel engine repair, and we can also do general maintenance and repairs.

There’s always a chance that your truck problem or equipment failure won’t occur at a convenient time and place, and when it does, you’ll need on-site help. In this situation, hiring our mobile mechanic service would be the ideal answer since we provide quick Truck Mechanic Repairs services in all of Melbourne’s areas.