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Excavator Service, Repairs & Maintenance in Melbourne

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Are you running an excavator rental service in Melbourne? Do you own a construction business that relies heavily on excavators? If so, nothing puts a bigger halt to your projects than a mechanical fault. To get things back on track ASAP, rely on Diesel Mechanics Australia, your local bobcat mechanic and mobile excavator mechanic experts.

Excavators help move earth efficiently – if not for them, the manual labour would be highly burdened and clearing construction sites would take for ever! Excavators however, allow the user to remove large amounts of ground and debris in just hours – having the site prepped for construction in very little time.

Excavator Repairs Melbourne

Diesel Mechanics Australia provides routine excavator service, maintenance and repairs to clients located in various Melbourne suburbs including Campbellfield, Thomastown, Bundoora and Epping. This routine maintenance aims at identifying and resolving maximum issues related to your excavators before they become a major mechanical, electrical or hydraulic fault. By having your equipment inspected by Diesel Mechanics Australia, we can help minimise excavator repair and maintenance costs over the long term.

If this regular repair and maintenance is ignored, your excavator could break down, which may require you to spend lots of money on replacing mechanical, electrical and hydraulic components, not to mention the stress and the cost of disruption in your business, and the cost of wasted time and lost customers. We also perform oil analysis testing on all compartments, condition reports and pre-purchase inspections.

Excavator Service Thomastown, Bundoora, Epping

Diesel Mechanics Australia – Your Expert Excavator Maintenance Provider in Melbourne! It is often quite challenging to pin-point a specific problem with an excavator, which is why you cannot trust just any regular mechanic to provide excavator maintenance/services. There is a pressing need to understand the different excavator manufacturer’s models and the sophisticated technology that they come with.

Mobile Excavator Mechanic

While providing excavator repairs and maintenance service to our clients located in different Melbourne suburbs including Campbellfield, Thomastown, Bundoora and Epping, we at Diesel Mechanics Australia follow proper protocols and execute our services professionally. If these protocols are not followed, your excavator could end up suffering from multiple problems. We are the undercarriage specialists. We also fit new chains, routes, sprockets and grouser plates to all machines at a fraction of the price of standard dealers.

Heavy Equipment Service Thomastown

For example, we guarantee replacing your excavator parts with replacement parts that match. If the replacement part is not accurate, running your excavator with the wrong part can result in serious damage to your machine, including engine seizure.

Bobcat Repairs Melbourne

Diesel Mechanics Australia is a well renowned heavy equipment service provider serving Thomastown and other Melbourne suburbs. We are known for providing top quality excavator repair and maintenance service at reasonably affordable rates. We’re also an accredited and industry-approved skid steer mechanic, offering bobcat repairs to Melbourne construction companies and teams. Give us a call today to book your plant equipment repairs with us!

Skid Steer Repairs

At Diesel Mechanics Australia, we also specialise in offering skid steer repairs. If your project is running behind because of mechanic issues with your skid steer loader, our experienced skid steer repairs will get things back on track for affordable rates.

Diesel Mechanics Australia – your trusted bobcat, skid steer and excavator mechanic service. Call now on (03) 9462 2331.